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World Traveler Wish List is a DREAM.  Those of us with an incurable case of wanderlust spend our waking moments planning our next adventure...where?  EVERYWHERE!   As a teenager I said, "I'm going there!"  City by city and country by country that dream is becoming a reality.

My DAY JOB can best be described as a "travel professional" (I work for a MAJOR international airline).  I am extremely fortunate to have traveled the world since 1989 as I accompany others to their destinations. Tasked with choosing future adventures and how I'd describe that list, I prefer Wish List rather than Bucket List...because seeing the world is a wish.  Consequently, World Traveler Wish List was created because I am a WORLD TRAVELER, aren't you?  If not, then become one.  Remember...wishes DO come true!  

Carol Knain, President, World Traveler Wish List, LLC

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*With each trip booked with WTWL, you are helping save lives.

10% of our profit will be donated to

Newnan Coweta Humane Society.*