Our Team

Our team is exactly what you would expect...travelaholics!  With years of "wandering the world" for work and pleasure, these team leaders will help you navigate any difficulties you might encounter during your journey.

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Carol Knain

My insatiable case of wanderlust started in high school. I remember looking at famous sites and saying, “I’m going to see that one day!” Well, it has taken me a “minute” to see all those places...BUT...I HAVE seen all of them. It became clear that checking off a “must see” list was merely a beginning. My list continues to grow as I read and discover new sites and adventures. One day I dared to dream bigger than ever before. I wanted to bring affordable travel to my friends. I jumped off the proverbial cliff and believed in myself when I became the owner of a travel company. Good friends have trusted me with their vacations and supported my new venture. We have shared many laughs and have wandered the world together. As World Traveler Wish List continues to grow, I hope that you too will join us.

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Eileen Bodlovic

My love affair with travel began with my first trip to Europe in high school. From the time the plane landed in Germany, I was hooked...whether visiting museums or sitting in an outdoor cafe with a beverage and fries, I love it all! I have been blessed to be able to explore new cities and new nuances of familiar ones as a flight attendant and share my enthusiasm with any collegue who is game for culture, walking, drinking and eating. I'm looking forward to sharing that same enthusiasm with ya’ll!


Karen Olive

After 18 years in the travel industry (working as a Flight Attendant for a major airline), I left to pursue my other passion of wine and food. I have enjoyed expanding my knowledge of wine during the last 11 years, yet I still have that “travel bug” and am excited to be a part of WTWL and share my knowledge of the world. During my free time you will find me hiking, biking and spending time in the outdoors...especially near mountains and water. Canada holds a special place in my heart and I will be a tour leader for trips to our “Northern neighbor.” Animal rescue is near and dear to my heart and World Traveler Wish List’s committment to the Humane Society is another reason I want to be a part of this travel company. I’m excited to meet everyone that will be joining us on these incredible travel adventures. Let’s see the world together...one city, one country at a time!


Kathy Matyas

Hey World Travelers...I’m Kathy with a “K.” I’ve been working in the airline industry 40 years (I know...I started when I was 12!). I love adventure, seeing new places and meeting new people that have the same interest...TRAVEL. I can’t wait to share new places with you!

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Paula Cifarelli Franchi

As long as I can remember, my dream has been to travel the world. With over 40 years of experience in the travel industry, my passion for travel will help make your travel experiences unique and memorable. My travels have enabled me to enjoy and appreciate many cultures. My travel background began when I was hired by a major airline in the late 70's. I have lived and worked in various states from Connecticut to Hawaii. I have diverse experience within the airline and travel industry that ranges from reservations, ticketing and terminal services, flight services and project management in IT. I have been responsible for taking tour groups to various locations representing the airline industry, as well as taking groups on specialized tours.As a member of the World Traveler Wish List team, I would love to help you meet YOUR travel wish list!


Sheila Yale

I grew up in Culver, Indiana where my Dad was a teacher at Culver Military Academy. When I was entering 9th grade, I was told (I didn't have a choice) that I would be one of 9 girls going to the, till then, all boys school (with 850 guys). That was the beginning of doing things differently than most, developing curiosity and interacting with people from all over the globe. My first career was as an Interior Designer in New Haven, CT. When the recession began in the late 80s, I sold my business and reinvented myself and became a Flight Attendant with Northwest Airlines. It turned out to be a perfect fit for me! I was based in Detroit and New York for almost 18 years. While flying I started dabbling in Real Estate, buying and selling periodically. Ultimately, the Real Estate took over and I retired from flying in 2006. But the love of travel never left me and the love of being with people, as well. World Traveler Wish List came calling and I couldn't be happier helping my dear friend, Carol Knain!


Manuela Christina Langhof

Born and raised in the heart of Germany, I know the country like the back of my hand. I grew up hiking and biking all over Germany as well as its neighboring countries Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, the former Czechoslovakia and Hungary...which are all just a stone's throw away and yet you will find the diversity of culture, history and tradition is unlike any other in the world. I've lived in the US since 2005 but Germany will always be home and I would love to share my knowledge with you and the love for my country. Allow me to introduce to some of the finest wines or beers, while touring family-owned wineries and breweries. Taste some of the most delicious food in the world while cruising down the Rhine River with its beautiful castles. Enjoy a train ride through the picturesque Black Forest or Bavaria with its mountains and lakes. You will experience a Germany you won't find in any travel guide! Allow me to show you MY Germany...we say, "Where God has kissed the earth."